Haute couture label by British-Persian Designer, Alisa Vaseghi specialises in collections made with alternative and unconventional materials. Her most recent collection took inspiration from the field of neuroscience, compositing lace and hot melt adhesive to create a unique fabric.


Inspired by science and the connecting tissues of the human brain enabled the Persian designer to create a new material by using one of the most powerful handheld glue guns. Alisa explores her creative freedom to exploit recycled and unorthodox materials to create something obscure yet beautiful.


The alternate designer whose work has featured in Vogue magazine from her debut London fashion show has since gone on to win; Britain’s Top Designer FF ‘18, 'Most Innovative Collection Winner' '18’, UK Style Masters Award ’18, 'The International Style Award', featured in Channel 5’s Extreme Hair Wars and has collaborated with Sophie Hallette. Publications of the designer's work have been featured in Hello Magazine', 'OK! Magazine!', 'Woman Magazine' and 'HeartRadio.'